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Chronically Fabulous

Paula Love
12 September 1987
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Oh what to say. I am just a Syracuse girl living in Virginia. Love my friends, my family, music, and all sorts of other things. Die hard Syracuse sports fan, basketball specifically. I am a mother to a precious little Min Pin named Tek. He's named after Jason Varitek of the Boston Red Sox. I guess you can tell that I love the Red Sox as well. I work in IT and I am going to school to get a degree in Information Systems. I like it, but I'm trying to learn the balance between work life and home life. I am also trying to learn how to deal with being chronically ill in my 20's. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease where the body creates white blood cells that attack my own healthy body instead of infections. The arthritis part comes from the manifestation of the autoimmunity, in other words, the blood cells attack my joint tissue and bones primarily. I've already had to have 2 joints replaced when I was 23 and its going to be an uphill battle from here. But, I try the bst to maintain my sanity, and not lose myself to the disease. So here I am, writing in this journal about life, and living a life that I will hopefully look back on one day and be happy about.